Overseas landlords?

Landlords – did you know that if you are out of the country for more than 21 days you must appoint a New Zealand agent for your property? Not many do, but if something goes wrong you might regret not getting it sorted as you will be in breach of the Residential... read more

Dampness in the home

It’s the time of year when we snuggle down to keep out the cold. That means it’s also the time of year we might start to notice dampness in our homes. If your home is a new one to you this winter, it’s best to get into good practices right now to prevent any dampness... read more

Another glowing reference for Annitta

All our property managers get kind words, but this one about Annitta Hodgkinson from an owner is just so lovely it deserves a post: Hi Tim, just wanted to give you some positive feedback re my property manager for Campbell Street, Nelson. Annitta has been fantastic-... read more

Natural effective and affordable cleaning

Here’s a great cleaning tip – white vinegar. Something so cheap and simple can do wonders for the house keeping it clean and shiny. Bolitho Property Managers recommend a solution of 70% White vinegar and 30% water as a general cleaning agent. So I’ve put together some... read more