Here’s a great cleaning tip – white vinegar.

Something so cheap and simple can do wonders for the house keeping it clean and shiny.

Bolitho Property Managers recommend a solution of 70% White vinegar and 30% water as a general cleaning agent.

So I’ve put together some recommendations on what it’s good for.


Toilet – pour a cup or more into the bowl and leave it for several hours or overnight. Scrub well with a toilet brush and flush.

Sink drain – pour 1/2-cup around plugged drain and leave it for several hours. Scrub to remove buildup. Drain, then rinse.

Shower – spray on walls and shower doors and rinse down on a regular basis.

Showerhead – pour some white vinegar into a plastic bag, and secure it to your showerhead with a twist-tie. Make sure there’s enough vinegar so the bottom part of the showerhead is submerged. Leave the bag on overnight. Remove the next morning just before showering.


Clean up unsightly mould on the back of curtains. Simply wipe down with the 70/30 solution as soon you see it, and repeat every now and again.


Cleaning kitchen countertops with white vinegar is simple: Just spray onto your surface, then wipe away with a warm, wet rag. 


Marble, stone, granite stone etc. do not like acidic cleaners, like vinegar and lemon. Avoid ammonia, too, and stick to cleaning with special stone soap, or dish detergent and water.

Always test a small area of any fabric first.