As the region’s leading independent property managers we believe our independence makes us better than a Real Estate agency’s property managers. Here’s a few reasons why.


A Real Estate agency’s main objective is to list and sell houses, whereas our sole focus and expertise is in property management. So we will work extra hard for you as we want to keep managing the property, not sell it. In fact the concept of being an independent company is so alluring that some Real Estate agencies set up their property management under other names in the hope of people thinking they’re independent – worth checking.

Hands on business owners

The Bolitho’s are hands-on business owners and are property investors themselves, as are most of our property managers. So we fully understand the challenges of owning investment property. We use only proven quality tradespeople and check on them. We conduct what we are sure are the most thorough inspections and background checks, and have the knowledge, experience, and willingness to hold tenants accountable in front of the Tenancy Tribunal if need be.

It’s a numbers game

Most agencies will run around 80-100 properties per manager, but because of the level of care the Bolitho’s expect, our property managers look after far less. Up to 45% less. That means they have the time to do the best job, be thorough, and attend to the smallest of things properly. And it’s the small things that add up over time if not attended to.


We were the first in town to have a comprehensive meth management program and still lead the way on having the majority of our properties meth managed. Independence gives us the right to lead, to try new things, to constantly improve our processes.

Rent Guarantee

That freedom allowed us to lead the market by offering a rent guarantee to all our landlords – we coined the phrase ‘Landlords – we pay the rent if your tenant doesn’t – Guaranteed’. We can do that because we are so confident of our work.

Then there’s me

Wholly dedicated to working with owners to get their properties ready and on the market. I don’t manage properties – I just work with you to answer questions, give advice about the rental attractiveness of a property, appraise rent, discuss things to do to get a property ready etc. And I’m there right through the progress and in to the future to help.


Tim Monck-Mason

Business Development Manager

Bolitho Property Management