It’s can be hard to choose between Property Managers – we all promise great service and thorough inspections. Not all of us provide multiple photos with inspections, and hardly anyone offers a rent guarantee, so looking for those things helps.

Ask how many properties each manager looks after too – we simply have more time for each property at Bolitho.
And here’s a novel way of helping you choose – judge us by our cover. Have a look through the adverts on TradeMe and study the photos – are they professionally done, with a super wide angle lens to capture the whole room, and are there enough to show the whole property?

Then look at the text – is enough information being given? Does it describe the property well enough and is it a professional message?

So go on – judge a book by its cover, or as Rod Stewart would say – every picture tells a story don’t it?

Here is a link to TradeMe Nelson region rental adverts…/categoryattributesearchresults.…