So you’ve got ants – what now?

 Don’t fly spray them – most aerosol sprays are for flying insects and ants really couldn’t care. Only use ones that say ‘residual control for Ants’ to create a border around window sills, door frames, and plumbed areas.

 Do –

  • Clean them – use a damp cloth to wipe them away. They might go back to their nests and shift.
  • Trial them – ants are fussy eaters and at different stages want either Carbohydrates or Proteins. Buy small quantities and see if they like it – if ants don’t go near it you’ll just have to try something else. Fickle!
  • Bait them – for gels and baits place every 40cm along their trail.
  • Tape them – if bait is not ready-to-use try a pea sized drop on masking tape.
  • Beach them – use Ant Sand on outside nests and trials, in gaps in patios and paths, and in pot plants.
  • Squeal on them – if they don’t go call in the professionals.

 ID them – If they haven’t got their ID’s on them try and identify them so you can buy the right products.

 Argentine Ant – smaller, light to dark brown, walk in mass, eat anything including dead

  • Darwin Ant – 2-3 mm , dark brown, can often smell them if disturbed or squashed.
  • White Footed Ant- smaller, dark colour, found a lot inside the fabric of a building.
  • Black Ant – smaller, mostly in gardens.


How can I keep them at bay in the future?

Let’s be proactive and discuss what you can do to reduce ants in the home.


  • Hide it – keep sweet liquids in the fridge, and sugar in air tight containers.
  • Zip it – use zip tight bags or air tight containers for all open packets.
  • Clean it – working surfaces, floor, pantry shelves, pet food bowls, used cans and bottles, plates etc.
  • Pick it up – they love spilled food especially drinks.
  • Pot it – check pot plants for secondary nests.
  • Throw it – throw food waste straight outside to compost or sealed rubbish bin.


  • Keep it away – all Rubbish/recycling bins/compost need to be away from the house and away from brick/ tiled surfaces and decking areas.
  • Pick it up – fallen fruit/dead insects or birds etc.
  • BBQ it – keep BBQ clean of spilt fats and clean drip tray regularly.
  • Lift it – check underneath potted plants and visually check the soil for nests.


Information kindly provided by Express Pest Control 0800 394 737