It’s the time of year when we snuggle down to keep out the cold. That means it’s also the time of year we might start to notice dampness in our homes.

If your home is a new one to you this winter, it’s best to get into good practices right now to prevent any dampness problems.

Avoid adding moisture: 

  • Dry your clothes and damp towels outside in the sun and wind, or under a covered veranda, garage, or carport. Not inside!
  • Use lids on pots when cooking and turn on any extractor fans.
  • Close bathroom doors during and after showers, and turn on fan if provided. And do leave the window slightly open to allow air to circulate.

Airing your home

Homes need to be aired and mould cannot grow without high humidity. When the sun is out on those gorgeous Nelson days – open up the windows. If they have safety catches on leave them ajar.

And again, use the extractor fans when provided.

Wipe condensation build-up from windows (use a squeegee in the mornings if you have to).

Leave beds at least hands width from the wall.


Where curtains touch a moist window it is easy for mould to form. Keep them back off the window as much as possible and keep an eye on the back of the curtains, especially in bedrooms.

LPG gas heaters

No LPG portable gas heaters are allowed at any Rent Shop Nelson property. They release large amounts of moisture and toxic combustion gases into your home and can also be a fire hazard.

If that really is all you have, always keep at least one window open to allow fresh air to enter the room.

Mould removal

If you do find any mould best stop it quick.

Bleach – it doesn’t work! Bleach looks like it’s working as it removes the colour of mould and mildew so you can’t see it, but it’s still there. The only way to really get rid of mould is to kill it properly. When cleaning up mould and mildew, wear a face mask and gloves and avoid handling the fungi as much as possible.

There are various products you can buy for mould removal, but you can also use methylated spirits, isopropyl alcohol, or a 70% White vinegar and 30% water solution using a spray bottle.

Brush away any loose mould on the surface – you can use some wrapped up newspaper for this.

  • Spray it on and let set for 30 minutes
  • If needed re-apply and leave for another 30 minutes
  • Wipe with a clean cloth and throw away the cloth when finished to avoid spreading mould spores.

Mould affects your health – don’t let it fester!