HEAT PUMPS – a how to guide

Heat pumps are one of the most efficient types of home heating, but some people find them ineffective or may even incur higher power bills because they don’t understand how to use them effectively.

We’ve heard a few strange ideas been passed around the grapevine!

Understanding the different settings and how to programme them is crucial. This fact sheet explains how.

Basic winter settings

Set the:

  • MODE or MASTER CONTROL to the Heat (Sun)
  • FAN to Auto.
  • Temperature between 20C and 22C. Setting the temperature higher makes it work harder and it will be less efficient.

Daytime – If you are not at home during the day, turn the heat pump off when you go out but set the timer to make sure it comes on as the sun goes down.

If you’re mostly home but popping in and out when it’s really cold out – it’s usually better to leave your heat pump on a low temperature setting to maintain a good ambient temperature rather than let it drop and have to work hard reheating.

Night time – this will depend on how well insulated and how comfortable the home is overnight. Some homes will be fine with the heat pump set to turn on 30-60 mins prior to wakeup time, whereas larger older homes might prefer to have it on low setting overnight so its doesn’t have to struggle to get temperature up again. Try different things and watch what it does to power use (online) and your comfort.

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