About Us


Backed by 34 years of experience in property investment and 17 years providing property management services, the team at Bolitho are dedicated to securing you a high return on your investment while minimizing the risk to you and your property.


What we do
  • We look after investment properties and owners’ own homes whilst they are away.
  • We offer tenants long term leases, usually of one year to start the tenancy.
  • We work Nelson, Richmond, and in the wider Tasman district within 20 minutes drive of the Richmond CBD.
What are you looking for from a rental house management company?

With a proactive approach, and the time to care, we work to resolve issues before they spiral out of control. With the extra time to care we can be fussier, more attentive, and better alleviate your concerns whatever they might be.

We are dedicated to honesty and integrity. We know the law and always work within the law. We endeavour to treat people with respect, act collaboratively to obtain the best outcome we can.  Your rental income is also protected in a trust account, separated from regular operating funds, and does not earn us interest. At Bolithos your investment and your money are in safe hands.

If you’re looking for property managers with higher success rates, professional service, who guarantee your rent and occupancy; you have found it in Bolitho Property Management.

A small team of committed property management professionals

We don’t believe in providing a mediocre service. We are a small and professional team who know their craft and know the local market. With affordable property management fees and the unique systems we have in place, you’re in the right hands with Bolitho. We are independent and not associated with any Real Estate company.

If you’re thinking of professional property management, contact us today to discuss your requirements, expectations and situation.


Company Values

Bolitho Property Management is a values driven business not a profit driven business. While profit is important to make our business sustainable we believe that if we live out our values and act with honesty and integrity then profits will be enduring. We are not interested in short term profit that will not be sustainable. Our foundational values are Honesty and Integrity.


Our communications with our landlords, tenants and everyone we deal with must be transparent, honest, accurate, not exaggerating or concealing the truth. We need to do what we say we will do within the agreed time frame.


At Bolitho Property Management we expect all staff members to maintain a high level of personal integrity and honesty in all their business dealings. It’s what you do when no one is looking that counts. Integrity in a business comes from the top down so this must be modelled and lived out by the owners of Bolitho Property Management. We choose to do the right thing; it’s either right or wrong, no in between. In particular we comply with the Residential Tenancies Act and other New Zealand legislation. We endeavour to put our stake holders before ourselves. We prioritise stakeholders in the following manner; property owners, the well-being of our staff, tenants, contractors and then ourselves, the business owners. Our philosophy is that if we put others before ourselves this will create goodwill and a good reputation.


We honour and respect all people by acting in a fair and reasonable manner towards them and guarding their privacy. We will not discriminate on the basis of gender, marital status, religion, race, national origin or sexual orientation.

How these values influence our day to day operations

We pay contractor accounts every Wednesday (as opposed to paying on the 20th of the month following) as we believe that this is part of respecting them and the work they do. Bolitho Property Management, its owners and family members do not receive any commission or benefit from any contractors that we instruct to carry out work on behalf of property owners. All our landlords’ funds are kept in a trust account separate to our company operating account. We don’t receive any interest from the trust account as we believe all profit gained from your property investment belongs to you and we should not benefit from it. We disburse on the first working day of each new month and for each disbursement we include an explanation and invoices for any costs incurred as well as completing an audit trail. We take responsibility for our actions. If we make a mistake we take ownership of that mistake and put it right, whether that requires compensation or additional work at no charge.

Community Support

Bolitho Property Management are pleased to have become supporters of Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter. The Rescue Helicopter provides an incredibly valuable service to the Nelson Marlborough region. Many of us have family and friends who have been helped in their time of need. The Nelson Tasman community have shown fantastic support for Bolitho Property Management so we are very happy to give something back to our community by supporting the work of the Rescue Helicopter.