Are you attracting a good quality Tenant

In a perfect world we’d all love a high quality tenant right? But lots of people function avoid seeing the worth in performing what must be done to make sure that happens. A great tenant with impeccable references along with a solid work history knows that they’ll be... read more

Bolitho Rental Guarantee

It is with great excitement that we are now able to offer our Landlords the Bolitho Rental Guarantee.  Check out the home page for more details  or call Gina on 03 544 1782. read more
Is your rental property vacant?

Is your rental property vacant?

May be the apartment vacant rather than earning coming back? Generally there are 2 main reasons why your home is empty: Reason no.1: It’s too expensive. Renters be familiar with market and may disassociate with not practical prices, maintaining your property in the... read more