Why Tenants Choose Us

If you rent with us you will find we have different processes and a different approach to other property management companies. We encourage both tenants and landlords to keep properties in the best state possible. This likely means that as a tenant we will bring issues to your attention. This is not to offend you but to help you look after the property, we know that owners are much happier to invest in improvements when they see that the property is being respected and well cared for.


We believe that everyone deserves to have a property that is well cared for and maintained. We also know that trying to make a time to contact us during business hours regarding maintenance can be tricky for a lot of working people so we have an app that you can use to send us any maintenance issues complete with pictures so we can really see what is happening.

Honesty and Integrity

Our philosophy is that honesty and integrity make for the best business practices, so we always operate within the bounds of the Residential Tenancy Act. The decisions we make have to pass a test of being fair and reasonable. Our communications with our landlords, tenants and everyone we deal with must be transparent, honest, accurate, not exaggerating or concealing the truth. We need to do what we say we will do within the agreed time frame.

At Bolitho Property Management we expect all staff members to maintain a high level of personal integrity and honesty in all their business dealings. It’s what you do when no one is looking that counts. Integrity in a business comes from the top down so this must be modeled and lived out by the owners of Bolitho Property Management. We choose to do the right thing; it’s either right or wrong, no in between. In particular we comply with the Residential Tenancies Act and other New Zealand legislation. We endeavour to put our stake holders before ourselves. 

Our Systems

The systems we have in place ensure streamlined property management and lead to satisfied tenants and longer tenancies. You’re our customer at Bolitho Property Management, and it’s our goal to ensure that you are happy and secure in your tenancy. Because we’re a proactive Nelson property management company, we settle concerns before they become problems.

Urgent maintenance is completed within 24 hours and non-urgent maintenance within 5 working days (where possible). You’ll download our Maintenance Manager app and use it to alert us of any issues.

Long term leases

We offer long term (approx. one year) leases. Very occasionally will a property be offered for less. This gives you security but also a commitment that you must consider. You can’t simply hand in notice before the lease expires.